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I am so very proud of the puppies that I have bred over the years, Elgert Field Spaniels have won well over 100 CC's with many Show Champions both here in the UK and Overseas. As a breeder of a Vulnerable Breed it is even more important to make sure that health, breed standard, temperament and fit for function all are considered when breeding, this then ensures the breed will still be a strong, healthy breed for the future.  I hope you enjoy looking through my photos, I am extremely proud that the dogs I started with over 40 years ago are still the foundation of my lines and I am sure you will see the 'stamp' of Elgert going through the years with similarities between them and my current team.
























I have won the Best Progeny Award at the Field Spaniel Society Champ Show on many occasions, this award is judged on type and soundness of breeding.  I am proud to have won it so many times as it shows true type and care in breeding to ensure that Elgert maintain the true characteristics and Breed type of the the Field Spaniel.  I first won this after cheekily saying to Mrs Jones MBE that I would one day beat her at Best Progeny as she had nearly always won it with SH CH Elmbury Edward.  The first year I won this award was in 1995 with my George from Mrs Jones MBE, so am proud the cup has his dad and then him on the names, SH CH Georgius Dalmanius in 1985 and 1986 then with SH CH Elgert D’aballo JW in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996 and then with SH CH Nadavin Lilianna for Elgert JW in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 -   2015 we won it again with Sh Ch Elgert R’anna JW SHCM and her babies  - 2018 saw Elgert once again win the Progeny Trophy with SH CH Reedmace Sweetbriar Floss for Elgert JW SHCM  with her gorgeous pupsters, an achievement I am very proud of, proving that my Elgert line breeds type and soundness.  I won the Dog World Top Brood Bitch in both 2011 and 2012.  

In 2019 Elgert started competing in the Kennel Club Breeders Competition and we were delighted that in both 2019 and 2020 we qualified through to the Finals at Crufts.  This competition was a wonderful way to showcase the breed to a wider audience and such a thrill to go through to the Finals. Due to Covid we have not entered again but hope to again in the future as it really was a wonderful experience. 

Breeders Competition Final | Crufts 2020 - Bing video 


Field Spaniels are a very special breed and are on the KC Vulnerable Breeds List.  We only breed a litter when we are ready for ‘our’ next puppy - we don't breed to order, or breed to fulfil demand.  All our puppies are brought up in the family home and are therefore used to general noises that a family brings including teenagers.  The parents of all the puppies are health checked before being bred from and the puppies are all Kennel Club registered, micro-chipped along with vet check before leaving our home.  Our aim is to produce puppies that are fit for function, healthy and well loved rounded puppies ready for the world ahead.  

We take our role of breeders of such a special vulnerable breed very seriously and although we enjoy having and looking after our puppies, realise it is a big responsibility and do our very utmost to ensure that each puppy leaves us fit, healthy and a balanced puppy. I am so very lucky with the homes that my puppies have all gone to and I thank each and everyone for the love and care they are given. I always enjoy seeing photos and keeping in touch with ‘my babies’ and I am always just a phone call or e-mail away if any advice is needed!!   View our puppy gallery here

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